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I started The Peeper Company with a mop, a squeegee, a broom handle for a pole, and a 5-gallon pickle bucket, all wrapped in a dream of becoming a window care professional. After 14 successful years in the Great Lakes Region, I returned to Texas in 2000 and within a few months had relocated The Peeper Company. I have a lot of fun washing windows, and there is an old saying that I try to live by, which is “If you find a job you really like, you will never work another day in your life.”

I joined the company officially in May of 2001, when I married the owner—Mr. Peeper! Since that time, I have learned the art of window washing—and it truly is a fine art when done properly! I was fascinated when I watched Joe wash with two hands at once—in one hand he wets the glass with the mop and in the other hand, he squeegees the glass—all at the same time! What fun to learn and to do! When I met Joe, I was employed as a paralegal for a local law firm, and I must say that I prefer the job of window washing because it has much less stress and I can stand back, look at sparkling glass and see a job well done when complete. I also enjoy working side-by-side with my husband.

John 2:2 - Jesus also was invited to the marriage, with his disciples.

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